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How to Systemise, Outsource & Scale Your Business to Earn More & Work Less

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Dear members, 

Unfortunately the Business SOS membership site is coming to an end. It will be closing at the end of May 2019 so please…
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Watch this video for further information about the use of infusionsoft
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Watch this video for an introduction to infusionsoft that is primarily used for CRM and sales.
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Watch this video for an introduction to the social media scheduling software 'Hootsuite' - Part 2
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Watch this video for an introduction to the social media scheduling software 'Hootsuite'
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Business SOS Membership Plan

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Discover the Complete Blueprint for Creating a Business that Generates YOU More Profit, Time and Freedom

What would you do if you had more money, time and freedom?
Anything and everything?
Exactly, the possibilities are endless.
That’s why I’m inviting you to uncover the system that I’ve used and developed to build three businesses that provide me and my family financial, time and location freedom.
If you want to achieve the same, then
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Do you want to build a new business or improve an existing business?
Do you want financial freedom for you and your family to do the things you all want?
Do you want time freedom to do all the things you want?
Do you want location freedom to travel the world and not be tied down?
Then this is the membership for you.
According to the small business association, 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years and 66% during the first 10 years.
And with a business getting closer to failing, the business owners’ hours increase and before they know it their business, that was meant to achieve them freedom, is now a job taking over 60 hours a week.
This is not the way you thought it would go, and it is not the way it should go.
That is why I created Business SOS. 
Having run multiple businesses for over 6 years and being in Corporate Finance for 13 years before that, managing an annual budget of £120mil on an estate worth over £3billion, I have developed the skills and experience to manage, sustain and scale businesses and have put all this knowledge in to the SOS model in order to help thousands of small business owners create successful businesses.
Join Now for Instant Access for Just £9 per month
That’s just 30p per day!
How much longer can you keep going in to your day job knowing you have an idea for a business that can set you free?
How long can you keep going doing 10+ hour days in order to manage everything and keep your business afloat?
How long can you keep debtors and bills at bay, juggling money between accounts?
The answer is…not forever! Doing any of these will be a drain on your energy which will soon catch up with you. 
Speaking from experience, I spent the early hours before I went to the day job on our eCommerce business, and then the evenings when I got back from the day job on our property business. I have spent hours upon hours juggling money to ensure everything is paid and nothing missed. And it was not until I got educated and held accountable that I put the actions in place to give up the day job and work ON my businesses rather than IN them.
Does any of this sound familiar to you?
Way too many people spend far too long at each of these stages, unable to move on as they do not know how to or simply don’t have the confidence to. You know there are many people who are running successful businesses, but what is their secret? What are they doing that you are not?... Yet! 
So, when will the point be for you to make a change?
That last chance effort to get extended credit to pay the mounting bills and debts?
That cancelled holiday as you can’t afford the time away?
Or that time when you see someone else’s success and you think to yourself, I started at the same time, why aren’t I there?
The answer is Business SOS. 
And for a Limited Time Only YOU can 
Get Instant Access for Just £9
What results can you expect, well from the people we are working with already, they have reported: 
·      “It has saved us thousands of pounds”
·      “I have more time to spend on the important, rather than the urgent tasks”
·      “I’m no longer undertaking the time consuming admin tasks I don’t want to do and have much more time to spend with our two boys”
·      “I left with renewed enthusiasm and can finally see light at the end of the tunnel“
·      “I would highly recommend anyone who thinks they are ‘treading water’ or with bigger aspirations to invest in this, and themselves”
Are You Ready to see what Business SOS can do for you?
Click Subscribe Now to Get Instant Access for Just £9
This membership is for you if:
·      You have a business idea and want to create a business, not another JOB
·      You want to monetise what you are passionate about
·      You want to take the right first steps in business
·      You have a business that is struggling to take off
·      You have a business and you feel like it should be doing better
·      You are working too many hours in your business and want to remove yourself from the day-to-day running and operations
·      You want to create a business that is sellable (or willable) – even if you don’t want to sell it, or will it, just yet
The structure of the membership is designed to help small business owners at any level to get back on track to why they set up their own business and start achieving the goals they set themselves at the start that now seem too far away.
The membership is easy to follow, with templates, resources, training videos and demos along with LIVE Q&As every month where you can ask any question you need help with.
This membership will get you back on track and working towards your business and life vision.
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Business SOS
The map to your business success - what's included:
Module 1
The Business SOS Model – An explanation of each step in the proven model that you as a business owner should be considering and working towards.
The BMAP – Your personal map to a successful, sustainable, scalable and sellable business.
Vision Working on what is important in your life and your family’s life, alongside what is important for your business, sets you in the right direction to achieve all your goals.
Business Set-Up – The basics to setting up a business, all set-out in a useful checklist with resources and examples to make setting up your business simple and structured.
Module 2 – released weekly from October 2018
Creating a Profitable Product Staircase – Explaining what a product staircase is, why you need it, how it generates profit & repeat business and working examples to give you inspiration and guidance to complete yours.
SOS Your Staircase – Showing you how to SOS your staircase so you spend less time working yet increase your sales and service.
Live Q&A – answering all your questions so there is nothing stopping you taking the actions to create a better business
Implement to Profit – How to implement everything we’ve covered so far, with additional resources and templates.
Module 3 Onwards – released weekly from November 2018
Further Deep Dives into the Business SOS Model and BMAP – ensuring you develop a BMAP that adds value to your business, guides your business and creates a business that is successful, sustainable, scalable and sellable.
SOS – Specific training videos for you to SOS your business, increasing sales, profits and the value of your time.
Monthly Live Q&As – keeping you on track, accountable and removing the blockages that are stopping you progress to where you want to be.
Implementation ­– Guidance on how to implement everything we teach into your business so that this membership is not just providing you more information, but getting the improvements implemented and your business growing.
Get Instant Access for Just £9
I created this membership only after testing each element across three different businesses of our own and teaching the model to clients 1:1 to build and/or improve successful businesses of their own.

Your Host

Stephen Turner – co-founder of 3 businesses with wife Catherine Turner, turning over high 6 figures through a business education business, a property management business and an eCommerce business. Qualified CIMA management accountant, Prince 2 Project management, 13 years experience in Corporate Finance managing budgets in excess of £120M and invested in excess of £80K in business training courses. Known also as the spreadsheet king, systems & processes guy, VA expert and everything to do with the back-end running of multiple businesses. Part of two masterminds and a mentor on a Serviced Accommodation mastermind. Wants to share his experience and learning with as many business owners across the globe as possible.
It is our mission, at Turner Invest, to empower thousands of business owners to live the life of their dreams and creating Business SOS as a membership site at the launch price of less than a coffee a week will help me achieve this and help you become one of the successful business owners who lives a life they love.
Business SOS is an ongoing membership site rather than an online course in order to:
·      Avoid overwhelm with too much information in one go, causing inaction
·      Update you weekly with new content that you can stay on top of and act on
·      Provide you with monthly support via the LIVE Q&A
·      Keep you up to date with new technologies, softwares and apps
·      And to develop an extremely valuable asset for your business, the BMAP, over time as your business grows
Subscribe Now to Get Instant Access for Just £9 a Month
But what if?
What if you don’t like the content?
What if it is not relevant to your business?
What if you cannot make the Live Q&As?
I understand that there is scepticism and doubt when investing in yourself and your business, and that is why we tested all of our model and content within our own businesses first. The content we have developed and worked on has been designed specifically to help any business, giving industry specific training throughout. And what if it is a business we have not run before? Then we will get an expert of that business in to do one of our special training sessions, that you will only be able to access in the membership site. And if you can’t make the Live Q&A, don’t worry, they are all recorded and made available within the membership site and you can submit your questions ahead of time.
Still not sure?
We’ve taken away the risk! You can cancel your membership at any time meaning if you invest now with our Limited Time, better than Half Price, Lifetime Offer, the most you will be down is £9 – yet you still get to learn from all of the instantly available content! 
Sound fair?
Get Instant Access for Just £9 a Month
Included when you invest in the Business SOS membership:
  • Instant access to our membership content
  • Instant access to the Module 1 training videos
  • Invitation to join October’s Live Q&A
  • Instant access to the BMAP Structure 
You’ll be able to access these any time and from anywhere, as long as you have internet access.
And if you already have a team on board in your business, give them access to your account* for them to learn the model and help implement the improvements to your business.
*Fair usage applies, access may only be permitted to users within the same company
Ready to get started?
Join Now for Instant Access at Just £9 a Month
Hurry, the £9 a month, better than 50% off launch discount, ends on Friday 5th October. After that, the membership price will increase, so don’t miss out, act now. 
See you on the Live Q&A.
Stephen Turner

Empowering people to live the life of their dreams through successful businesses

Hi, I am Stephen Turner of Turner Invest and below you will see the Business SOS membership site that helps business owners and entrepreneurs get their businesses back on track to what they first aimed to achieve....and more.

Whether you are just starting out in business, or have been running your business for years but are still putting in too many hours and not getting enough freedom out of it, then the Business SOS membership is for you. 

A business model and map that has been developed over years of education and experience of implementing it across our multiple businesses comes to life in this membership site that also offers monthly live Q&As to make sure there is nothing stopping you achieve your business goals and to start living the life you love. 

Check out the membership now.


What if I cannot make the time, will it be recorded?

All Live Q&As are recorded and added to the membership platform for members to listen back to at their convenience. Questions can be asked in advance to ensure they get answered during the session even if you cannot make it live.

Why are there 2 different Q&As?

Business SOS not only helps Business Owners Systemise, Outsource & Scale their business, but helps Virtual Assistants (VAs) train in order to help their bosses achieve the same. Therefore, the VA Live Q&A covers a different perspective on the training covering from getting employed as a VA through to getting promoted as a valuable member of the team.

Why is the membership not free?

To cover the time taken to create the membership, the platform costs and to ensure our members take action, we have to charge a low monthly price to members. Why will it make members take action? Because free information and advice is rarely acted upon, by paying you are committing to taking part, taking the actions and achieving success – which is the aim of Business SOS – to empower thousands to achieve the life of their dreams.

How can I pay?

  • For Business Owners you can subscribe directly on 
  • For Virtual Assistants, as PayPal is not accepted on the Podia Platform for memberships, please visit for the PayPal link and subscription in PHP

When are the Live Q&A sessions?

They are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, at 1PM UK Time for Business Owners and 2PM UK Time for Virtual Assistants

How long will the Live Q&A Sessions be?

We hold our live Q&A sessions monthly and depending on the amount of questions and members joining the session will last between 30 and 60 minutes long