Kick Start 2019 Business Package

Make 2019 Your Best Business Year Yet

What's Included

Do You Want 2019 To Be Your Best Business Year Yet?

Do you want to:
- create a profitable business that you love
- create a sustainable income that supports the lifestyle you want
- all with less of your time so you can enjoy your success

Then the Kick Start 2019 Business Package is for you
  1. Master systems to grow & scale your business
  2. Hire the right virtual team so you can increase productivity & output for a fraction of the 'normal' staff costs 
  3. Find out what areas of your business need improving... and how to do it

What do you get: 
  1. Business Health Check - have an expert review your existing business results and set-up to have specific, personal direction on how to improve 
  2. Consultation Call - talk through your existing business, your goals and your shortfalls, and get guidance on how to make those shortfalls disappear and your goals that step closer
  3. Online Fast Track Course - a 12 week online course showing you exactly why you need to let go, what to let go and how to do it
  4. 1 Years Live Monthly Q&A and Coaching - get all your questions answered and all the support you need to systemise, outsource and scale your business. Includes brand new content every week.
  5. Private community - The Business SOS group is full of other business owners with similar problems. Get the experience of many and share your journey to help others.
  6. Exclusive access to VAs - Virtual Assistants with access to the training make this exclusive group of VAs a great talent pool for you to hire from

What experience are you getting?

Your business health check and monthly live Q&A and coaching is run by Stephen Turner, multiple business owner, qualified CIMA accountant, Prince 2 qualified, with 15+ years corporate management finance experience managing annual budgets of £120mil on an estate worth £3bil, managing finance teams across the UK, managing virtual teams and systemising and outsourcing businesses to scale to high 6 figures with minimal time to manage (2 hours per week).

The package:
  1. Life Leverage Online Masterclass £1997 + VAT
  2. The VIVA Club £710 + VAT
  3. Business SOS £180 + VAT
  4. Business Health Check £247 + VAT
  5. Total Value £3134 + VAT
  6. Now Just £997 + VAT  68% OFF

The Details:
  • Life Leverage Online Masterclass - fast track, 12 week course to leverage your life and business to achieve the 'Earn More & Work Less'
  • Business SOS - on going membership & support for 12 months to ensure you implement and keep going on the actions to achieve your dream business & life. Running a business can get lonely, so keep inspired and motivated with the Business SOS community and the monthly calls.
  • The VIVA Club - annual membership to the best virtual assistant hiring portal, so you can hire all the team members you need. Unlimited number of hires for 12 months.
  • Business Health Check: start as you mean to go on, a personal review of your business from multiple business owner and qualified accountant. A fresh set of experienced eyes on your business results and processes to provide you insights and guidance to improve profits, reduce your time working in the business and be on track for sustainable growth.

At just £997 + VAT, this is unbelievable value for a years worth of support and the kick start needed to assess where your business currently is, and which areas, if improved, will achieve the best results.

Make 2019 Your Year - Join Us Now


If you are interested in scaling a business idea, or indeed launching a new idea, I recommend Business SOS as your online accountability and guidance tool with access to someone who has been there and done that.
The Business SOS Package is insane value. Insane!
Mark Varela

What's included

Business Health Check

Have your business checked over by a qualified management accountant (15 years+) and experienced multiple business owner (6 years+), so you can get back on...

View course £247

Business SOS Master Assets Plan PLUS 4 Strategy & Coaching Calls

The Business SOS Master Assets Plan (BMAP) has been developed over 5+ years of running multiple businesses and using 15+ years of management accountancy experience....

View product £997

Life Leverage Online Masterclass

Are you working IN your business rather than ON? Are you working more hours now you are running your own business and your vision of...

View course £997

Empowering people to live the life of their dreams through successful businesses

Hi, I am Stephen Turner of Turner Invest and below you will see the Business SOS membership site that helps business owners and entrepreneurs get their businesses back on track to what they first aimed to achieve....and more.

Whether you are just starting out in business, or have been running your business for years but are still putting in too many hours and not getting enough freedom out of it, then the Business SOS membership is for you. 

A business model and map that has been developed over years of education and experience of implementing it across our multiple businesses comes to life in this membership site that also offers monthly live Q&As to make sure there is nothing stopping you achieve your business goals and to start living the life you love. 

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